Dust-free, Bubble-free and Worry-free!

World's First Repastable Screen Protector

Dust-free, Bubble-free and Worry-free!

feels like Magic.

mSiO2-refill™ technology makes repastable film a reality. It can automatically repair the silicone layer of the protective film, quickly activate the damaged silicone molecules, repair the dents on the adhesive surface, and make the adhesive surface smooth as new, so that the film can be reused and have a longer lasting protection.

Oleophobic coating aims to remove the fingerfrints and the oil on the surface.

Tempered glass enhances the ability to bear scratches and shocks.

AB adhesive achieves fast absorption.

Dust-hidden, like it's never there.

Even the tiniest dust and foreign objects can be detected and thanks to strong and weak viscosity difference, Snapiel stays as clean as ever because it quickly and strongly absorbs and replaces the lint, dust, particles and other stains on it.

Bubble-free, ideal for perfectionist.

Bubble-fly and Seamless Leveling™ technology kill the bubble perfectly and makes the seamless fit (to the screen) possible.

Tap, Swipe and Snap
You're Good to Go.

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