TORRAS Slim Fit Design for iPhone 14 Plus Case

  • [ Ultra-Thin & Sturdy ] Slim like a piece of paper, TORRAS specially customizes this iPhone 14 max thin case for the large iPhone 14 Max to avoid extra bulk and weight. The compact 4-layer structure makes it slimmer yet sturdier and it feels like you are barely using a case
  • [ Velvety Feel & Matte Surface ] Advanced nano-coating provides a velvety feel, making your phone easy to hold. The matte finish resists fingerprints and oil stains on the surface and you will be amazed at how clean and sleek it stays. Differing from silicone cases, this matte black iPhone 14 Max case won’t pick up lint, fuzzes, or rip
  • [ Enhanced Screen & Camera Protection ] The iPhone 14 max case black offers minimal bulkiness and maximum protection. Both 1.0 mm raised screen edges and 1.2 mm raised camera bezels protect the lips from any potential scratches or dents. The X-shock airbags in the corners effectively absorb impact and provide strong protection if the phone does fall


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