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TORRAS UNIWARM Hand Warmers 5000mAh – the Best Gift For Parents


  • [3s Heating & Graphene Therapy] 
  • [All-around Heating & Ultra Soft Touch] 
  • [Multiple Security System] 
  • [Smart & Hassle-free Design] 
  • [Long-lasting Battery Life & Use While Charging] 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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TORRAS UNIWARM Hand Warmers 5000mAh – the Best Gift For Parents

Warm Your Love

3s Heating & Graphene Therapy

UNIWARM beats the cold and wraps you in cozy warmth within 3s. With HGT graphene interlayer built-in, these hand warmers go heated rapidly and maintain a stable temperature. The exclusive infrared physiotherapy of HGT graphene relieves hand pain caused by long hours of work. Unlike traditional hand warming solutions, it is lighter and safer. You're well-prepared for colder months with this heat pack!

All-around Heating & Ultra Soft Touch

Dual 16in² graphene heating interlayers deliver the most soothing warmth from your palms to wrists, from your hands to your entire body. Thanks to the smart temperature control, these UNIWARM hand warmers give off heat stably and keep the temperature you set. The upgraded polar fleece brings the ultra-soft touch feeling, making every touch of hand warmers a pleasure.

Multiple Security System

The waterless graphene heating system keeps you safe and worry-free while enjoying the comfort electric hand warmers bring. Compared with traditional hot water bags, UNIWARM hand warmers are much safer without the risk of explosion and leakage of the heat pack. Dual smart NTC technology on heating plates and batteries prevents them from bulging, ensuring a safer and more manageable warming experience.


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