What Is TORRAS Lab

TORRAS Lab is an intgerated center for building and delivering product training and experiments.  Transternity™ anti-yellowing tech, ShockMAT™ airbag tech, Sliproof™ tech and UPRO™ Kickstand tech are the iconic innovations of TORRAS Lab.


Anti-Yellowing Technology

Transternity™  Technology is engineered for TORRAS clear phone cases with AYF anti-yellowing standard that we define. Our anti-yellowing technology works by adding high molecular inert polymer on the surface of the case, to form a protective film and prevent discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays, hand sweat or cosmetics.

All TORRAS clear cases are produced with the anti-yellowing standard of AYF 50.

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Yellowing Molecules

Anti-Yellowing Time


Airbag Shockproof Technology

We are the first brand that uses ShockMAT™ Composite Airbag Technology to protect mobile phones. We combine airbags of different shapes including L-Shock camera lens airbags, S-Shock 360-degree airbags and X-Shock 3.0 four-corner airbags, to deal with a variety of impact forces.

Camera Lens Airbags

Our exclusive patented L-Shock™ camera lens airbag is a wraparound airbag for the rear camera lens, tightly embracing the lens and easily dealing with any bumps or scratches. The patented camera lens airbags allow you to slide your phone on any surface and give you peace of mind while your phone is accidentally dropped.

360-degree Surrounding Airbags

S-Shock™ 360-degree surrounding airbag is the exclusive design of TORRAS. Those surrounding airbags are built inside the phone case, which clings to the edge of the phone and relieves 30% more impact than that without airbag protection while facing bumping or dropping.

Four-Corner Airbags

The X-Shock 3.0™ airbags are the latest airbag innovation from TORRAS in 2022. It’s an airbag technology adopted on the four corners of the case. An X-Shock airbag is shaped like the letter X, like what it is called. In construction, cross bracing is a system used to strengthen diagonally braced building structures. That’s why we design the X-Shock airbags.


Anti-Slip Technology

We develop the industry-leading Sliproof™ laser texturing around the edges outside the case for increased friction and grip. This Sliprooflaser technology helps create a continuous natural 3D Nappa* texture around the edges outside the case, ensuring higher slip resistance and preventing the phone from falling.


Kickstand Technology

UPRO™ Kickstand Technology builds on the golden ratio and ergonomic design. We set the kickstand at the bottom to deliver more stable support for your phone. Focusing on how people interact with the phone screen, we provide the best viewing angle of 52 degrees horizontally and 62 degrees vertically in 3 ways.