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Beyond the Wind

Banish Heat from Waist to Head

By creating a cooling effect that extends from your waist to your head, COOLIFY ZONE portable fan keeps your body dry and comfortable at all times. With its multi-blade design and two centrifugal fans, this device generates a powerful wind speed of 5.5m/s and circulates forceful air. For an even better experience, you can place the COOLIFY ZONE bladeless fan inside your clothing to effectively eliminate the discomfort caused by excessive sweating. [Keep your Body Temperature at 77°F] Experience instant cooling with COOLIFY ZONE cooling fan's revolutionary phase change material. This highly effective material sustainly absorbs heat, providing long-lasting cooling even at high temperatures. Additionally, it adheres well to your skin and prevents sweating, ensuring maximum comfort. With COOLIFY ZONE outdoor Fan that blows cold air, you can effortlessly maintain a cool and comfortable body temperature of 77°F. [Cool for the Whole Day] With a battery life of 5-15 hours, COOLIFY ZONE electric fan is perfect for hot days, work, or outdoor activities! It features 3 adjustable wind speeds to keep you cool and comfortable in high temperatures and is equipped with a 4000mAh battery and a low-power consumption motor for long-lasting use. It's also quick to charge with a Type-C cable. COOLIFY ZONE travel fan is the perfect companion wherever you go!

Compatible with All

We have prepared two different-sized belts for you so you can easily find one that fits your body shape. These belts not only firmly grip your waist and prevent the COOLIFY ZONE small portable fan from falling off during exercise but also provide an unparalleled level of comfort and security. Let's enjoy the fun of sports together with COOLIFY ZONE camping fan!

Beyond the Wind

COOLIFY ZONE Wearable Waist Fan is the world's pioneering waist air conditioning system that offers a revolutionary cooling experience. Equipped with cutting-edge phase change materials and a high-speed centrifugal fan, it effectively lowers body temperature and provides exceptional comfort when worn around the waist. Beyond being just a utilitarian gadget, COOLIFY ZONE personal fan serves as a chic and sophisticated accessory that enhances your lifestyle.


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