How to choose the best phone case for iPhone 14 Pro Max?

How to choose the best phone case for iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Confused about dropping your phone? Worried that the phone you spent a sum of money on will break? We all know how desperate it is to break a new phone, and we don’t even want it to hurt a little bit anytime.

Smartphones face many “dangers” in everyday life. From going to work in the morning, going out for a run, or walking down a crowded street, having a highly protective phone case that keeps your phone safe from breaking is a must.

But what kind of phone case is right for you? Here we make a list.


Guardian Series


If you spend a lot of time working or having fun outdoors, you might want something more rugged, like the Guardian, embedded with plenty of airbags inside to enhance protection. With X-SHOCK airbags in the four corners, the Guardian case protects the parts of your phone that are most likely to break. The X-SHOCK airbag is shaped like the letter X, to reinforce a cushion against collision.


Moreover, the raised bezel around the camera and a lip higher than the screen offers an extra level of assurance while protecting this most important part of your phone from damage. The Guardian case is translucent and designed for those who want to showcase their personality implicitly.


Diamond Series


The Diamond series case is another option with X-SHOCK technology. Unlike the Guardian case, Diamond is a clear case that is meant to show off the original color of your phone. TORRAS 5.0 X-SHOCK tech helps disperse severe shocks, ensuring a totally hassle-free using experience. When dropped, the “X” shaped airbags on the four corners suspend your phone on a protective cushion, keeping your phone safe like a car airbag. Besides, its exquisiteness is not compromised by strong protection. The slim and anti-yellowing design keeps your case looking always refined in your hand.


Crystal Clear Series


Another choice for clear case with X-SHOCK protection. This clear phone case is equipped with 2nd gen X-SHOCK anti-collision airbag technology to absorb and disperse severe shocks up to 50.16 Mpa. The 1.3mm raised edges will keep your screen and camera from getting scratched whenever you place the iPhone 14 Pro Max on flat surfaces. The difference between these two types of clear cases is that Diamond is a hard case, while Crystal Clear is a soft one, and you can choose one or the other according to your preference.


Safety protection is always what we care about most. No matter which one you choose, all of our phone cases provide exceptional protection for your phone. We attach more protection to the corners so that our case absorbs the pressure of a drop or impact, not your device.

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