TORRAS 𝗨𝗽𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗱 Diamond Shield for iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Protector [Military-Grade Protection] 9H Unbreakable Shatterproof Tempered Glass invisible Glass, 2-Pack

[Military-Grade Shatterproof Protection] We use strong CSG glass found in military areas. It's fortified with Triple Ion-Exchange technology. Deliver tougher than 9H hardness and 4X stronger than ordinary glass. Your brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max is well protected, so you can freely explore, create, and connect with confidence.

[Say Goodbye to Edge Cracking] Protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max from edge cracks with EdgeForce technology. It offers complete protection and guards the weak spots. The tempered glass is great at protecting against everyday impacts, drops, and scratches. With it, your device always stays safe.

[Seamless Invisibility: Real Invisible] This protector is tailor-made for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, fits its curved edges perfectly. Your elegant taste will amaze anyone who sees your phone.

[Stay Smudge-Free!] Tired of those pesky fingerprints ruining your screen's charm? We're here to rescue you! Our state-of-the-art anti-fingerprint coating slashes fingerprints by 95% in everyday use. No more frustrating smudges – your display will stay as pristine as the day it was unboxed, no matter how much you tap, swipe, or type.

[User-Friendly Installation] Probably the easiest way to install a screen protector so far. No annoying bubbles and dust! Simply align and attach the frame to your iPhone 14 Pro Max, and watch it smoothly adhere like magic. Just rest assured that if anything goes wrong you'll have a replacement to make it right. Your order comes with a 365-day warranty.


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