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Frequently Asked Question

  • Why buy TORRAS iPhone screen protector?

    Elevate your device's protection with our premium iPhone Screen Protector. Crafted from military-grade shatterproof tempered glass, it ensures the ultimate safeguard for your screen. Thanks to triple ion exchange technology, it achieves an impressive hardness rating above 9H, guaranteeing extended durability. The Tora-Silk coating adds another layer of defense, effectively preventing fingerprints, scratches, and smudges. When it comes to installation, our InstaFit tool ensures effortless alignment and error-free setup. Expect a precise fit, not only for the screen but also the edges, without compromising highly responsive touchscreen sensitivity. With our iPhone Screen Protector, your device enjoys superior protection and clarity.

  • Is it necessary to use iPhone screen protector?

    Screen protector, like many other essential smartphone accessories, plays a crucial role in safeguarding your phone. While modern smartphones often boast tough glass construction, a screen protector remains indispensable. It serves as a vital shield, defending your device against physical damage, scratches, and impacts. A quality screen guard protector not only ensures the longevity of your phone's display but also enhances your device's resilience, making it a must-have accessory for your smartphone's protection.

  • Does tempered glass protect iPhone screen?

    Opt for tempered glass screen protectors for superior durability, smooth feel, and enhanced impact absorption. While quality plastic options exist, tempered glass is the top choice for premium protection.

  • Which is better tempered glass or screen protector?

    Selecting a tempered glass screen protector not only ensures superior protection but also boasts a remarkable 98% success rate in preventing damage to your mobile's touch screen and display. In contrast, standard plastic screen guards offer a mere 5% success rate, underscoring the preference for tempered glass protection in high-end smartphones.

  • Does the iPhone 15 need a screen protector?

    The necessity of a screen protector for your iPhone 15 depends on your individual preferences and how you use your device. If you're committed to maintaining your iPhone 15 in pristine condition and desire protection against potential scratches and minor mishaps, it's a prudent decision to invest in a high-quality screen protector.

  • Does tempered glass reduce touch sensitivity?

    TORRAS iPhone screen protectors are specifically engineered to ensure they do not impact touch sensitivity. When correctly designed and installed, tempered glass screen protectors should maintain the original touch sensitivity of modern smartphones. These protectors are crafted for high transparency, ensuring your device's touchscreen experience remains unaffected. It's essential to note that factors such as dirt, debris, or oils on the screen's surface can influence touchscreen sensitivity. Regular cleaning and maintenance practices can help sustain the optimal touch sensitivity of your device.

  • Is screen protector more important than case?

    We highly recommend investing in both a quality case and a screen protector to provide comprehensive protection for your iPhone 15. A sturdy case, particularly one designed with a raised "lip" over the screen, offers exceptional drop resistance. In fact, for safeguarding against drops, a case often outperforms a screen protector. Therefore, unless you're feeling particularly lucky or are covered by a robust insurance plan, it's advisable to pair a case with your chosen screen protection. Additionally, it's worth noting that screen protectors serve the dual purpose of shielding your device's screen and, in turn, safeguarding the screen protector itself from potential damage by sharp objects. This combined defense ensures the safety and longevity of your device and its accessories.