Neck Air Conditioners Perfect for Outdoor Use in 2024

With climate change and rising temperatures, there is a growing need for personal cooling devices for people engaged in outdoor activities in 2024. These devices are designed to provide an efficient and convenient way to cool down for outdoor activities.Based on a variety of factors, we have selected three top-neck air conditioner brands including Torras, JisuLife, and Comlife. Each brand has its own unique product style. Read this article for more brand competition information, hope helps you buy the best neck air conditioner.

Torras Neck Air Conditioner

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Over time and people's feedback on product needs, it has continuously updated its products. After three generations, it has developed the latest air conditioning necks.

They have more than ten years' experience in this industry, so they have perfected after-sales service and are trusted by customers. It is a smart choice if you buy Torras' neck air conditioners.

Three Series of Torras Coolify

To meet different people's requirements, Torras produces three types of neck air conditioners: coolify air, coolify 2S, and coolify cyber. Let's have a look at what the differences are between them.

1. COOLiFY Air

Coolify Air is their first-generation product. Its cooling range of this product is 1300mm2, and it can enjoy two-way airflow that ensures the airflow surrounds your neck, face, and body.

With 41mm fast fan blades driven by a powerful 5000rpm high-speed motor, you can enjoy a quick and consistent cooling experience.

Another great pro about this product is that it's very lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable. It is very suitable for buyers who pursue cost-effectiveness. According to our statistics, they are deeply loved by young people aged 18-30.

In addition, I will introduce the parameters of this product in detail to help you understand more deeply.

  1. Weight: 390g.
  2. Battery: 5000m Ah.
  3. Charging time: 3h.
  4. Charging port: USB-C.
  5. Application: School, library, coffee, movie theater, commute, hiking, etc.
  6. Price: About $147.
  7. Versatile Cooling Options: Offers three-speed cooling and fan settings for personalized comfort, adaptable to different environmental conditions.

This is one of the brand's main products, and it is expected that publicity and promotion efforts will be expanded in 2024.


The Coolify 2 product is an upgrade to the Coolify air conditioner product. Different from the cool air conditioner, this product not only helps to cool down the neck but also provides a heating function.

The original intention of the design is that users can use the hanging electronic device that can be used to cool or warm to meet the changes in different temperatures. In addition, its cooling area has also been increased from 1300mm² to 7500mm², and the charging time has been shortened to 2.5h.

Below are its precise parameters.

1. Weight: 410g.
2. Airflow: 4-directional airflow.
3. Modes: Fan/ cool/ heat.
4. Price: $199.

This product targets a wide range of user groups, including outdoor enthusiasts of different ages and workers in specific industries. They pay more attention to purchasing products with comprehensive functions.

However, this product also has some shortcomings. Wearing Coolify 2S does not bring the user a cool feeling, and the cooling effect is not good. For people who work in high temperatures for a long time, the battery life is not up to standard. So this upgraded version of Coolify Air is not their main product.

3. COOLiFY Cyber

Cyber! Based on the above two products, Cyber has made the latest upgrade.

First of all, this product puts the user's wearing comfort first. After research, we designed a comfortable size range that allows the user to move freely and enjoy the best-wearing comfort.

Secondly, the cooling area of this product reaches 14445mm2, which not only cools the neck but also the back, achieving immersive cooling.

Then, its battery is a polymer battery that is fire and chemical-resistant. The exterior is made of scratch-resistant lightweight material, which is dust-proof, sweat-proof, and makeup-stain-resistant.

In addition, many female customers have given positive feedback saying that when walking outdoors, this neck air conditioner can completely ensure the coolness of the face and neck.

They put on makeup in the morning and it is still perfect at night. Even in the summer, this neck air conditioner can ensure that girls do not take off their makeup.

It is worth mentioning that it can complete 80% of the power within 1.2 hours. You can also charge while using it to enjoy longer battery life and longer cooling/warming times. Last but not least, it is very lightweight and easy to store and carry.

Then the following are its specific parameters

1. Weight: 495g.
2. Battery: 6000mAh.
3. Charging time: 3h charging time & 80% of the power within 1.2 hours.
4. Charging port: USB-C.
5. Price: $299.

This product is more expensive and is mainly aimed at people who love technology or pursue high-quality life. It is mostly worn in studios, workshops, and travels. It is also one of Torras’s hotly recommended products.

The above is an introduction to their products and brands. Next, we will focus on introducing the contents of the two other brands.

JisuLife Bladeless Neck Cooler

JISULIFE was established in 2016 and focuses on creating innovative and sustainable gadgets for personal space, with a particular emphasis on portable fans. They launched four series: basic series, professional series, fashion series, and high-end series.

Four Series of JisuLife Neck Cooler

1. Basic series

This series is the entry-level product of JisuLife Bladeless Air Neck Conditioner. Provides a basic neck cooling function and provides gentle wind through the bladeless design, which is comfortable and not irritating. The design is simple and easy to operate, so it lacks advanced features and adjustment options. It is mainly aimed at ordinary users, who may not have high functional requirements and only need the basic neck cooling function.

2. Professional series

This series has more functions and adjustment options, such as multiple wind speed and temperature adjustment options, which users can adjust according to personal needs. For another example, this product is equipped with an intelligent control system, such as timing functions, memory modes, etc., providing a more convenient use experience.For users who are looking for a more refined experience, who may have special needs for neck cooling, or who are looking for advanced features and adjustment options.

3. Fashion series

The fashion series focuses on appearance design and personalization and is suitable for users who pursue fashion and individuality. There may be more color and style options to meet the user's personalized needs. The price may be slightly higher than other series, and the functions may not be as good as the professional series.

4. High-end series

The high-end model series is the flagship product of JisuLife Bladeless Air Neck Conditioner, featuring the most advanced technology and features. Using advanced materials and processes, the quality is more reliable.

It also has more advanced functions, such as smart sensing, voice control functions, etc., providing a more comfortable and convenient use experience. However, the price is higher and may be beyond the budget range of ordinary users. The functions are complex and may be too advanced for ordinary users.

Finally, according to our research. User reviews of their brand's product have been mixed, with some saying it's designed and provides excellent cooling for the neck.

However, some users pointed out that it doesn't cool the front of the neck effectively. The fan's fixed size makes it uncomfortable to wear, and its weight may make it prone to falling during excessive exercise.

Comlife Portable Neck Fan

Comlife is also a brand that makes portable neck fans. Their products are typically targeted at consumers looking for innovative, convenient personal cooling solutions, especially outdoors or in warm environments.

Features of the Comlife Portable Neck Fan

1. The Comlife Portable Neck Fan is equipped with a 2600mAh battery that ensures long-lasting performance, providing up to 9 hours of continuous cooling depending on usage.

2. Its ultra-quiet operation, at approximately 30 decibels, guarantees an uninterrupted and peaceful experience while enjoying the refreshing breeze.

3. The adjustable design allows for flexible positioning, ensuring optimal airflow regardless of your outdoor activity.

4. This wearable neck fan features six fan speeds, offering customizable cooling options to suit individual preferences.

5. The lightweight construction, weighing just 6.9 ounces, makes it suitable for extended wear during vigorous workouts or strolls in the neighborhood.

6. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB cable for simple charging adds to its convenience and portability.

Users have praised the Comlife Portable Neck Fan for its strong wind power and quiet operation, making it an essential companion during outdoor excursions.

But there are also some disadvantages. First, some users have noted that the battery life may vary based on usage intensity and environmental conditions.

Second, while the neck air conditioner is good for personal cooling, it may not be suitable for extremely high temperatures or as a replacement for room air conditioning.

Finally, while designed for comfort, some users may find the device uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

Making the Right Choice for You

I have listed some tips to give you when choosing a high-quality hanging neck air conditioner.

  1. Cooling technology: Look for neck air conditioners with efficient cooling technology, such as semiconductor cooling chips, that can significantly reduce skin temperature in a short period.

  2. Battery Life: A good neck air conditioner should last for several hours to ensure you stay cool throughout your activity.

  3. Comfort and Design: Since the device will be hanging around your neck, it should be lightweight and comfortable. Check to see if it’s adjustable or ergonomically designed to fit your neck without causing strain or discomfort.

  4. Wind speed and cooling settings: Different situations may require different cooling intensities. Look for equipment that offers multiple speed settings or cooling modes, so you can adjust them according to your needs.

  5. Noise level: Make sure the device runs quietly, especially if you plan to use it in a quiet environment or for long periods.

  6. Portability and Durability: A good neck-mounted air conditioner should be easy to carry and durable enough to withstand regular use.

  7. Price and Warranty: Compare prices and check if they match the features offered. Also, check the warranty to ensure long-term use and value for money.

To sum up, Torras meets all the above criteria, and if you want to buy a good hanging neck air conditioner, look for Torras.

Why Choose Torras?

There are many brands selling neck fans on the market, not just these three brands I mentioned above. However, there are very few brands that can achieve the highest level of comfort. We are such a brand.

After COOLiFY C2 and Cyber products are connected to the APP, you can adjust the temperature by yourself. And the user could set their favorite mode in the app background according to their preferences. You can use your favorite mode again next time without repeated adjustments.

The other one is Auto Mode. After opening the app, the product's built-in AI algorithm will automatically adjust the body's optimal temperature according to the surrounding environment and changes. If you enter the hot outdoors from an air-conditioned room, the gear will automatically increase to provide a stronger cooling effect, etc.

You can try our neck air conditioner, it will definitely meet your expectations.