TORRAS Stream Care, Grey
  • [The ultimate time-saving solution] TORRAS STREAM hair dryer is equipped with a high-speed 110,000 RPM and 1600W brushless DC motor, wind speed reaches 29.3 m/s, efficiently drying your hair in record time. Say goodbye to rushed mornings and hello to serene moments, making each day effortlessly splendid.
  • [Pioneering hair care] 200 millions negative ion technology Our industry-leading NTC chip work wonders, offering your hair unprecedented pampering. With NTC thermo control 110 times/s, our hair dryer can effectively avoid damage from high temperatures. High concentration of nourishing negative ions also locks in moisture, leaving your hair smoother and more manageable. Experience a luxurious hair care journey, ensuring your hair is beautifully healthy.
  • [Personalized care at your fingertips] TORRAS STREAM hair blow dryer features 2 primary modes. The normal mode ensures quick drying, reducing wait time. The hair care mode employs continuous temperature control, auto alternating warm and cool air for scalp and hair protection. The smart display facilitates easy showing of settings, offering an intuitive interface to choose modes, temperatures, and airflow suitable for your immediate styling needs.
  • [Effortless Professional Styling] TORRAS hair dryer comes with 2 specialized attachments: the smooth concentrator for precise airflow and the diffuser for enhancing curls. Easily achieve your desired hairstyle, be it sleek and straight or beautifully defined curls. With its lightweight and ergonomic handle for extended use, catering to all your professional and personal hair care needs, making every styling session a breeze.
  • [Your trusted durable beauty companion] TORRAS hair dryer's aerospace aluminum motor and durable body are crafted with precision and balanced motor adjustments, ensuring a lifespan of over 1000 hours, up to 33 years. TORRAS blow dryer is your long-term reliable hair care partner. Its exquisite, robust but lightweight materials ensure durability under regular usage, an indispensable part of your elegant daily routine.
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