TORRAS Magnetic Diamond Clear Designed for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case [Non-Yellowing] [Exceed 3X Mil-Grade Shockproof] [Compatible with MagSafe] Protective Slim Phone Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max 6.7, Clear

【SuperStrong Magnet Holds Seamlessly】There is no magnet like the TORRAS magnet! Made of 38 pieces of N52 super-strong magnets, TORRAS has a strength of up to 18N vertically, while the standard magnet is only 9N. The strength in our aligned magnets keeps your cute iPhone 15 pro max phone case for woman attached perfectly and gives you a dramatical stronghold. The embedded magnetic ring undergoes thousands of hours of testing under high pressure. It will never fall off, never crack, never curve.
【Compatible with MagSafe Accessories flawlessly】See what our dramatically more powerful Pro magnetic Halbach Array Technology can do! This clear iPhone 15 Pro Max case takes a huge leap forward, providing incredibly faster wireless charging speed of up to 15W to your Qi-certified charger. It is compatible with a colorful family of accessories for easy attachment, such as a magnetic leather wallet and sleeve, stand wireless charger, credit cards or key fobs, etc.
【Ageless Clarity, Timeless Beauty】A Magical new way to interact with transparency. Our newest Transternity tech innovation builds on our exclusive Polymer Isolation and Anti-Yellowing technology. By adding a high molecular inert polymer and evenly distributing it in the phone case, a continuous film will be generated on the surface of the case. This film can prevent discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays, hand sweat, or cosmetics, to keep the phone case clear and fresh as day 1. Feel free to contact us for a replacement if it turns yellow within 180 days at no charge.
【Exceeds 3X Mil-Grade Drop Protection】 The design for clear iPhone 15 Pro Max case with mag-safe is military-grade drop protection certified by SGS&ROHS. The 4rd gen X-SHOCK 360°airbags in every corner all around along with upgraded S-Shock 360° Surrounding Airbags around Camera Len, help it to withstand shock and drops inside.
【Unique Patent Lens Airbags】Raised bezels prevent screen and camera against from scratches & frictions. The ingenious design of 2.5 mm raised camera bezel and 1.5 mm raised screen bezels aim for extra and comprehensive protection. Plus the exclusive patent lens airbags to defeat the impact. No need to fear scratches - slide that phone across your desk, bar, or table. TORRAS always focuses on every detail.

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