TORRAS GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector [Full Screen & Military SGS Certified] No Dust No Bubbles Top 9H Glass for iPhone 15 Pro Protective Glass for iPhone 15 Pro Tempered Glass

🥇【2023 Newly updated GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro screen protection】 Featuring 3 improved technologies for the most comprehensive protection.①Tora-DSL edge enhancement technology. You can't break it no matter how hard you drop protective. ②Tora-CRC molecular stiffening technology. Prevents accidental dropping of all everyday objects. ③Tora-AF 2.0 coating technology.Achieve a hardness of over 9H. Resistant to all daily scratches and scuffs without leaving any marks.

🛡️【The first aerospace glass for screens】GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector glass is 300% more resistant to drops. Say goodbye to expensive broken screen repairs. Providing you with the highest level of security. TORRAS has been working on GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro screen protection technology. The creation of this product has involved the combined efforts of 2000 people over a period of 3 years.

👍【No Dust, No Bubbles】New and improved dust removal technology in 2023. 100% adsorption of dust on the screen surface of GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro screen protector tempered glass. With a more stable and better fitting mounting frame. Tested by 5-60 year olds with zero installation error. Quick installation, 1 second flash installation. Eliminates complicated screen cleaning steps.

👑【With X-silk oleophobic layer technology】TORRAS screen protector for iPhone 15 Pro are 6 times more resistant to abrasion than conventional protectors. The oleophobic layer does not wear off over time. The oleophobic molecules are densely arranged for greater abrasion resistance. No fingerprints and long-lasting smoothness.

❤️【The packaging materials are RoHS certified】The product includes 2 GlassGo for iPhone 15 Pro screen protector with positioning, 2 cleaning kits, 1 bubble squeegee and mounting frame. If you receive wrong product, broken or installation problem etc. Please feel free to contact us. We offer you brand new protective glass for iPhone 15 Pro.

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