2023 Upgrade TORRAS Shockproof Beyond 12FT Military Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case for MagSafe , Pioneers Magnetic Design & Fast Charging, Slim Translucent Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Cover Case Black

👍【Unrivaled Magnetic Force: Magnetic Accessories at Your Fingertips】Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max case shockproof features a built-in magnetic ring - the newly upgraded TORRAS-BACH magnetic array aligns seamlessly for MagSafe, and other Qi-certified chargers for secure and fast wireless charging. The upgraded traceless adhesive technology ensures the magnetic attraction remains strong and never falls off. The N56 magnetic is 4 times stronger than ordinary N52, ensuring a firm connection.💪【Innovative Hybrid Rebound Material: Shattering the 12FT Drop Record】TORRAS case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case for Magsafe uses TPU+TPE elastic material and tough polycarbonate to enhance drop resistance. With exclusive X-Shock 3.0 technology on all 4 corners and internal 360°shockproof airbags, case for iPhone 15 Pro Max protective case is certified to withstand drops up to 12FT. The 1.5mm screen edge, 1.0mm camera bezel, and patented camera airbags shield your phone from scratches, and falls.✨【Super Car-Inspired Anti-Slip Texture: Firm Grip, No Surprises】The slim case for iPhone 15 Pro Max case for Magsafe pairs our patented Airbag Tech with ergonomic design for top protection without the bulk. An upgraded supercar-identical nano hydrophobic coating resists fingerprints and scratches, ensuring a secure grip. Besides, advanced Sliproof tech in the soft edges guarantees a comfy hold, so you confidently manage your Phone.🌈【Removable Three-Color Buttons: Customize Your Look Your Way】The case for MagSafe for iPhone 15 Pro Max features innovative independent buttons, providing a more sensitive and responsive touch than cases with built-in buttons. This ensures satisfying click feedback. Moreover, the increased internal button contact area prevents detachment. To cater to your DIY style, the matte case for iPhone 15 Pro Max case offers 3 different button colors allowing you to adorn your beautiful iPhone as you wish.💗【Golden Translucency: Stylish, Slim Hazy Visual Appeal】This black case for iPhone 15 Pro Max undergoes careful selection of 15 transparent gradients, presenting a golden light transmittance ranging from 36% to 40%. The misty matte backshell skillfully balances transparency and frosted effect, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication to the logo on the back. The meticulously designed case for iPhone 15 Max fits seamlessly with the New iPhone (6.7 inch) for showcasing elegance.

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