TORRAS Pstand-Mag Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case Shockproof Beyond 12FT TOP N56 Magnets for MagSafe Charging, 1 mm Invisible Stand Truly Completely Flat & Slim Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case Cover Black

🥇【Magnet + Stand is a 1+1>2 surprise!】On top of the original TORRAS-BACH's strong magnet, we built in an invisible stand that is only 0.01 feet thin. You will not only enjoy the top magnetic function, but also enjoy so much convenience of the invisible stand. This innovation was unanimously praised by the iF award judges in 2023, who called it "To enhance your mobile internet experience, the Pstand case for iPhone 15 Pro case is as essential as water!!!"

✨【Stand, you sure don't need one?】Portability and practicality is the ultimate goal of all products! Just like AirPods was doubly questioned at the beginning of its introduction. But, the convenience it demonstrates makes life without it unimaginable. Now the Pstand-Mag case for iPhone 15 Pro case has the same mission! From this moment on, opening the stand equals freeing your hands! Its stand is even made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy. Only 0.01 feet thin, yet it supports a weight of 1000g.

👍【Magnetic, stronger than official case for iPhone 15 Pro case for MagSafe!】TORRAS-BACH magnetic array, the industry's strongest magnetic attraction structure. One of the N56 rare earth magnets can provide up to 19N combined magnetic force. 2.5 times stronger than ordinary N52 magnets. Perfectly adapts to all magnetic accessories. Magnetic ring aligns precisely with the inside of your iPhone. Truly secure, fast wireless charging.

🛡️【What is true military protection?】Pstand-Mag is the only product on the market to pass the 12ft drop test in the latest 2023 SGS test. The case for iPhone 15 Pro case shockproof features 4 layers of liquid silicone bumpers and PC+PMMA hard back. Patented 3D ShockMAT™ technology features on all four corners. 360° airbags cushion impacts from all angles. The camera airbag is even integrated into the 1.5mm camera rim. Other brands' camera protection only stops at the raised frame.

💗【So comfortable! You won't want to put it down!】Statistics show that up to 98% of mobile damage is caused by dropping while holding! That's why we've worked hard to create a case for iPhone 15 Pro cover that fits perfectly in your hand. So that your phone can be easily gripped. It protects it securely while still allowing you to operate it freely. The 3D Nappa texture gives the case a delicate touch, like stroking the interior of a sports car. Every touch is a pleasure for both body and mind.

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