TORRAS Ostand Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case for Magsafe with Stand, Red Dot Award 2023, 3x SGS Military Shockproof Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case Thin Slim Silicone Case for iPhone 15 Pro Black

🥇【2023 Red Dot Award Sole Winner for Phone Cases】This Revolutionary case for iPhone 15 Pro case with stand, which utilizes over 30 patented design technologies by TORRAS. It's the first iPhone case to perfectly integrate for MagSafe functionality, innovative stand features, and ultimate protection. According to the Red Dot Award jury, Here, innovation merges with user-friendliness to create an appealing product.👍【Magstand-iF Design Award】As noted by the iF Awards panel: "The collapsible stand, crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, remains stable in any orientation. Considering daily mobile activities such as video calls, this design provides users with significant convenience. Few products have captured our attention like this TORRAS case for iPhone 15 Pro case slim has. It represents the pinnacle of spatial utility and user experience, inspiring other product designs"✌【Unprecedented for MagSafe Performance】TORRAS Ostand case for iPhone 15 Pro case introduces its exclusive Embedded Magnetic Core Technology-the Halbach Patent, which integrates a powerful rare earth magnetic core, surpassing the magnetism of official components. This technology enhances magnetism by 15-25%, ensuring not only stable charging but also a 0% probability of detachment. minimize power loss during charging. Say goodbye to prolonged charging waits.🛡【Military-Grade Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case Shockproof】Elevating drop protection to an astonishing 12ft from the SGS standard of 4ft, case for iphone 15 Pro case for MagSafe sets a new benchmark for durability. Featuring Torras 3.0 X Shock Patent Technology and 360-degree lens protection airbags. It offers comprehensive coverage for every corner of your phone. With this level of protection, you can say goodbye to worries about expensive screen and camera repair costs.❤【Velvet Touch and Matte Finish】The addition of distinct metallic mute buttons adds an elegant touch. Each touch and press becomes a delightful rendezvous with impeccable craftsmanship. TORRAS's unique Soft-touch™ Nano-coating Technology ensures a velvety feel. A specialized anti-fingerprint layer keeps this black case for iPhone 15 Pro case thin pristine, while an additional 20% grip ensures secure handling anytime, anywhere.

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