(US Only) Google Pixel 8 Pro Pstand Magnetic Shockproof Case with Stand
(US Only) Google Pixel 8 Pro Pstand Magnetic Shockproof Case with Stand

(US Only) Google Pixel 8 Pro Pstand Magnetic Shockproof Case with Stand

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M.K. (Hastings-on-Hudson, US)
Excellent Case

Love the case! Best one I've ever owned. Looking forward to getting a magsafe wallet to compliment it.

RSN (Holland, US)
Great case

I've owned many phones and cases over the years and this case is one of the highest quality. The fit is very secure, making the case feel like it's part of the phone, not an added accessory. The texture has a decent amount of grip yet I can still easily get the phone in and out of my pocket. I expected the kickstand to be flimsy and possibly even impractical, but I was very wrong. The quality of the kickstand and hinge mechanism is satisfyingly robust. Stowing the kickstand is rewarded with a positive 'snap' into place. I don't currently have any magnetic accessories though I've been looking at various docks/chargers to take full advantage of my new case. If I were being picky, I'd point of that the proximity of the case to the edge of the screen can make swiping from the edge a little tricky though I understand this is the cost of protection.

Great case - purchased on previous experience

I have the MarsClimber phone case from TORRAS for my Pixel 7 pro and I am very happy with it. So I decided to buy the new upgraded case for the Pixel 8 Pro when I decided to upgrade my phone. This one has a stand and a magnet which is very appealing. I received it today and it looks and feels great! I'm looking forward to installing it as soon as I get the new phone.

Pankaj Kanungo
Great case!

I am really impressed with the design of this pixel 8 pro case.I think it is quite nice.The transparent back panel adds a touch of elegance. Additionally, the flush stand design seamlessly integrates with the case when closed, providing three different angles for convenient viewing.The textured edges of the phone case offer an excellent grip, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. Although I haven't had the chance to mount it on my phone and use the Magsafe accessory yet, I highly recommend it.

Really nice case for my pixel 8 pro

This new pixel 8 pro case looks very stylish and the appearance of this case appeals to me. The horizontal stand will look very harmonious with the pixel 8 pro's lens.It feels soft sleek. The low-profile kickstand is awesome I like how it's tiny, which allows for both horizontal and vertical viewing. It is surprisingly strong and easily holds the phone in place. What's more, the stand is very flat and completely invisible when closed. It is different from the one I used before.The built-in magnetic ring is a plus. I tried it with my MagSafe the magnet is strong and reliable. 100% recommended.