TORRAS GlassGo for iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 15 Screen Protector Glass [Military SGS Certified Protective] [Full Screen Coverage] Top 9H+ Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 15 Tempered Glass

🛡️【Industry NO.1 Military Protection,Your iPhone's 2nd Screen】Global 5,500,000 iPhone User's Top1 Choice, so far the most Shatterproof & Longest Durabilty. What makes this GlassGo for iPhone 14 Pro/15 Screen Protector's excellent performance? Top Germany 9H+ Tempered Glass Material is the key, which is widely used in aerospace and military fields. Its ①impact shatterproof ②wear & scratch resistant ③Durability is 4-5 times to others. Say goodbye to repeatedly changing screen protector.🥇【SGS Military Certified Protection - No Certification are Fake Protection】Our Screen Protector for iPhone 14/15 is made of Top German Glass Hardness (Beyond 9H), certified by SGS Military Standard, and has undergone 60kg+ pressure test, 2m+ drop test and 360° impact test etc; Its strength, toughness and durability perform the best among all glasses. So installing it on the phone screen, accidental drops and impacts are no longer a concern.✌️【Good Glass with 3 Years, Poor Glass Crack Easily】The low-cost glass on the market uniformly uses 0.25mm AB adhesive,the disadvantage of weak adhesion and poor durability, causes the glass to easily fall off or shatter for no reason.To solve such problems, TORRAS high cost R&D Screen Protector for iPhone 14/15 uses the industry's highest standard 0.18mm white edge pressure-sensitive adhesive,the feature is the soft adhesive layer, strong adhesion.💎【1:1 Full Screen - Absolutely Invisible】TORRAS Full Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro/15 uses the best 3D Curved Tech and upgrades 360° invisible airbag, with precisely cut edge proportions, and the black border around the edge that blends into the screen and feels like there is nothing on the screen, giving you a perfect touch screen experience that is smoother to the touch than bare phone, something you can't experience with other screen protectors.♻️【Silky Touch - Fall in Love Once Touch】TORRAS Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro/15 Glass is made of 9th generation nano glass with 2 times AF Molecular Anti-Fingerprint coating on the surface, double waterproof and oil-proof, you can easily wipe off the attached dirt, so you can always enjoy a clean and bright screen. Super silky and sensitive touch, so you can play games more smoothly and type more comfortably. Customers who have experienced it say it is more comfortable than the bare screen.👍【5 Seconds Easily Install, Beginners can Become Experts】0-error precision mounting frame with naino static automatic adsorption tech allows your phone to be easily installed in seconds to achieve flawless, no white edges and no bubbles; Even if it's your first time to apply the film, you can do it without fail. 👍 [Package Composition] This product contains 2*Tempered glass, 1*Mounting frame, 2*Cleaning kits, 1*Dust removal squeegee, 1*Cleaning wipes💗【10 Years Best Seller, Dare to Promise】TORRAS adheres to the original intention of ""Making Products with Heart, Service to Home"", with global sales of up to 5000,000+, receiving numerous customers' praise and support. We are so confident in the high quality of this screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro/15, we dare to promise: Model Wrong, Product Damaged, and it does not match the description. Within 180 days, there is no need to return the product and it will be directly replaced.

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