TORRAS Crystal Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Shockproof NO.1 Anti-Yellowing Certified by RoHS, SGS Military Protective Slim Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Silicone Cover for iPhone 15 Pro Max Clear

🥇【Only clear case that feels like naked phone feel!】All case for iPhone 15 Pro Clear case have a clear and good-looking appearance, but only pure soft silicone material to achieve a skin-like fit. It's like having a naked phone with "0" burden. Pure silicone and ergonomic 3D edge design do not change the original lines of the iPhone. Rounded and comfortable, it is a perfect combination of good looks, protection and durability, and a comfortable hand feel.

👍【100% pure silicone! So more Anti-yellowing】Tora-Silicone has a yellowing resistance of 142.5 days, while other plastic polymers have a yellowing resistance of about 26.3 days. Why the big difference? We use pure silicone! It is double RoHS and SGS certified, the same highest standard as baby pacifier silicone! Costing around £115/1KG, not a cheap synthetic plastic! You can't imagine that there is such a big difference in the materials used for the same phone case for iPhone 15 Pro case.

🛡️【Soft, so more protective!】The pure silicone material makes the case for iPhone 15 Pro case shockproof fully cushion the moment you drop it. No matter where you drop your phone, it's like dropping it on an air mattress. Moreover, the case for iPhone 15 Pro case clear has the latest patented 3D ShockMAT™, 4-corner X-Shock airbags and 360° bumper airbags. Triple protection technology increases impact resistance by ↑240%.

✨【What? Camera airbags too?】Yes, you read that correctly, the camera airbag is the biggest upgrade to the 2023 Crystal series case for iPhone 15 Pro case. This technology cleverly builds a lens airbag into the 1.2mm camera. It offers enhanced protection without changing the look of the device. Official iPhone repairs for the camera (£500) are even more expensive than those for the screen (£300). That's why we made sure to include this patent on the case for iPhone 15 Pro case silicone.

💗【Only unibody can be the ultimate thin and light!】I bet you, when you get your hands on it you will wonder: do I really have a case? In fact, all the case for iPhone 15 Pro cases on the market produced by splicing process. This process produces a big error and always makes the case for iPhone 15 Pro case thicker. We use the industry's best unibody moulding technology, the error is "0". 0.04 inches, as thin as invisible. Only 16 grams, lighter than an egg shell.

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