iPhone 15 Series Ostand R Clear Magsafe Case with 360° Rotated Stand
iPhone 15 Series Ostand R Clear Magsafe Case with 360° Rotated Stand

iPhone 15 Series Ostand R Clear Magsafe Case with 360° Rotated Stand

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- Versatile 360° rotatable kickstand for easy vertical, horizontal, and flexible viewing
- Powerful neodymium magnets ensure fast and seamless wireless charging
- 100% compatible with all MagSafe accessories (chargers, wallets, car mounts, etc.)
- Certified by SGS and RoHS, 360° all-around air cushioning, impact-resistant X-Shock technology
- Durable kickstand withstands over 30,000 folding tests
- Slim, sleek design with a secure grip
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Please feel free to email us at support@torraslife.com if you have not heard from us regarding logistics within 3 to 5 days. We sincerely appreciate your support and patience.

Does the iPhone MagSafe's ability to charge differently while using the TORRAS Ostand Pro case?

TORRAS Lab testing revealed that utilizing Apple MagSafe-approved chargers (MFM certified) won't have an impact on charging effectiveness. Magnetic chargers that are not approved, however, could result in inadequate charging. Use Apple's official goods or approved third-party solutions to ensure the greatest experience.

Which countries are available?

TORRAS can ship items to America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. But POX and military addresses are not available.

How many days for shipping?

For now, 2-5 days for the US market (except air-castle case will take 7-15 days), 7-15 days for other countries. We are developing our shipping service, thank you for your support.

Warranty & After-sale & Return Policy

For quality issues that happen within 180 days, please contact us at mall@torraslife.com or support@torraslife.com. TORRAS has a perfect after-sale service and warranty policy. Please don't worry about it.

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Please contact us as soon as possible when you find your information or item is wrong. We will correct the information as quikly as we can, but as there is a lot of mail from worldwide, we may not do it before the order is shipped by warehouses. Thank you for understanding.

Can I trust TORRAS?

Yes, you can totolly trust us. TORRAS has multiple categories which are popular worldwide. Our products have been reported by famous media such as Yahoo and Associated Press, and you can find many influencers reviewed our iPhone cases on YouTube. Besides, TORRAS provides perfect warranty and safe payment.

Why do I buy TORRAS iPhone cases?

TORRAS iPhone Cases have features to make your life more convenient or make using phones more enjoyable. 3X magsafe tech, Ostand or Camera stand, anti-yellowing tech for clear iPhone cases, super shockproof, waterproof, TORRAS iPhone Cases have all of them. While preventing scratches and damage to your new iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max caused by dropped goods and collisions, you can also check files or watch movies without holding or looking down at phones.

How about MagSafe tech? Will my phone fall down?

TORRAS magsafe cases have super strong magsafe to prevent falling down, and they are compatible with all MagSafe accessories, including chargers, car mounts, etc.

What is the anti-yellowing tech for clear phone cases?

Our anti-yellowing technology can against yellowing agents like stains, sweat, etc. TORRAS clear iPhone cases perform well through 168-hour SGC's anti-yellowing and aging test which is exposure to high-temperature UV lights and extremely humid environment.

How to clean phone cases?

Put the case in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap, and let it sit there for a while. Use a toothbrush and baking soda to gently scrub the case until all dirt is gone. Apply a magic eraser to any remaining problem areas. With a microfiber towel that has been lightly dampened with dishwater, wipe the phone down.

How to clean silicone phone cases turn yellow?

Using a soft cloth and a paste made of baking soda and water to gently scrub the yellowed areas of your silicone phone case is one option you can try. Try soaking the case in a solution of water and vinegar for a few hours and then rinsing it with water as an alternative.

How about the quality of TORRAS iPhone case?

TORRAS iPhone cases have well-satisfied quality with our tech and strict quality control. The samples have passed hundreds of tests to make sure that they do protect your iPhone.

How about TORRAS Military Grade Protection by shockproof? & Which test TORRAS iPhone cases have passed?

TORRAS iPhone cases are reliable protection against drops up to 3.44m, which is the height of the first floor. Of course, they can function well for the drop-down from 4 feet (pocket height) and 8 feet (car height).

TORRAS iPhone cases are tested by strong shock-absorbing protection (Military Drop Test), magnetic strength, compatibility with wireless charging devices, anti-yellowing, anti-fouling, and anti-scratch tests. We highly recommend you try our cases, you will like them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Ivan Rosales (Long Beach, US)
5 out 5

But it but I got it defective tru Amazon. Contact Torras and CSR help me wit no issues she send a replacement within two days. Her name was Amy at Torras she was very good customer service A+

Delphine Fanfon
Fit and durability

I decided to wait one full month before writing a review for this case. I have been using it with my iPhone 13 Pro Max now for that long and would like to highlight the following 3 things.1. The fit has remained intact. When I have purchased similar phones in the past, within the first four months I have noticed that the case got a little lose. But not so with this one. It remains intact. Because I travel a lot, I often need to switch sims in the different countries but have literally had to opt for esims because of how hard it it to take the phone out of this.2. The Stand! As someone who works on a desk most of the time, I always like to sit my phone upright next to my computer to ease work. This has not disappointed in the department as well. Despite having to flip it out and back in, it has remained firm and functional.3. It has remained clear all this while. Most other clear cases I have gotten turned brown or some other weird color less than a week after purchase but not this one!I have not used the charger because I am still expecting my MagSafe charger but absolutely give this 5 stars. For someone who lives in the tropics in Africa, most accessories that work well in the West just don’t deliver the same promises here. This has!Strongly recommend!

Good until…

I really love this product, it met every criteria I was hoping for. But then, two months in, the circle just randomly broke off. I’m super disappointed. Again, I really like the product…. So much that I might buy another one, but I might regret that decision.


I was hesitant with this case because it doesn’t have the vertical alignment magnets. Turns out, the case is great without them! The phone doesn’t move on my car mount! The ring has built-in friction that although easy to rotate, prevents accidental rotation. The ring/stand is easy to deploy and snaps back into place. The magnets are stronger (IMHO) due to the metal ring so all magsafe accessories work well! Without the vertical magnets, battery packs and wallets will rotate a bit, but I don’t use them. The materials are top notch and feel good in hand. The translucent back panel is nice looking and allows your iPhone’s color to show through. Another thing I love about this case is that it comes with 2 additional sets of button caps to customize the case! All in all, another solid Torras victory!

Beautiful case with minor issues

The TORRAS phone case is a beautiful work of art. It's smooth and sleek, with a stand that provides lots of convenient options for angles (different degrees in both landscape and portrait mode simply by rotating the ring). I definitely won't use the ring as a carrying handle like in the video -- while it does stay in place, I don't have faith that the small hinge where the ring connects to the case can withstand a lot of abuse. The case is also made of a very smooth material that feels almost slick, and I feel I'll inevitably drop my phone. I appreciate the raised edges that protect the camera and screen. And the swappable buttons (I chose orange) make this case look very unique. Overall, it's a case I see myself using and (delicately) loving.