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  • [Beyond the Wind] COOLIFY ZONE Wearable Waist Fan, a pioneering cooling system. With cutting-edge phase change materials and a high-speed centrifugal fan, it lowers body temperature for exceptional comfort. Chic and functional, it banishes heat from waist to neck, ensuring dryness. Its PCM cooling material provides instant cooling, adhering comfortably to the skin. Enjoy the ultimate cooling experience!
  • [Unique PCM Cooling Material] COOLIFY Zone Belt Fan features advanced PCM cooling material, absorbing and transferring your body heat away. As it releases heat as it solidifies, providing a long-lasting cooling effect. With its reusable and eco-friendly properties, cooling off has never been easier! For an even better experience, you can place the COOLIFY ZONE bladeless fan inside your clothing to effectively eliminate the discomfort caused by excessive sweating.
  • [Cool for the Whole Day] With a battery life‘s impressive usage time up to 15 hours, COOLIFY ZONE electric fan is perfect for hot days, work, or outdoor activities! It features 3 adjustable wind speeds to keep you cool and comfortable in high temperatures and is equipped with a 4000mAh battery and a low-power consumption motor for long-lasting use. It's also quick to charge with a Type-C cable. COOLIFY ZONE travel fan is the perfect companion wherever you go!
  • [Compatible with All] We have prepared two different-sized belts for you so you can easily find one that fits your body shape. These belts not only firmly grip your waist and prevent the COOLIFY ZONE small portable fan from falling off during exercise, but also provide an unparalleled level of comfort and security. Let's enjoy the fun of sports together with COOLIFY ZONE camping fans!
  • [TORRAS Care] Get 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy, 180-day limited warranty, lifetime support with 12h response time. Package includes TORRAS COOLIFY ZONE Belt Fan x1, Customizable Waistband x2, USB-C Charging Cable x1. Perfect personalized gift for mom, dad, women, men,family, friends, lovers, or birthdays.


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Regular price $99.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $99.00 USD

Customer Reviews

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Ellis Liu
pretty nick gadget

The scorching weather outside California is truly unbearable. The moment you step out of the cool comfort of an air-conditioned room, beads of sweat form almost instantly. Dealing with this relentless heat is a challenge, and running the air conditioner non-stop at home is becoming quite costly.Carrying around a portable waist fan isn't an option, especially with the limitations of my money. That's when I decided to give the waist-mounted air conditioner a shot. Initially, I was skeptical about its ability to provide a genuinely refreshing breeze. However, I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It's like having a personal air-conditioning fan right by my side, delivering a blast of cooling sense touching my waist of special PCM material made in spacesuits.The best part? It's incredibly compact and lightweight, making it easy to hang on my waist. This means I can enjoy the luxury of air conditioning without having to break the bank. What's more, its discreet design allows me to wear it outdoors without compromising my appearance. It's a hidden gem that works wonders, providing a soothing breeze both from the front and the back. Feeling that wave of coolness from my waist to my chest is truly revitalizing.

Alex rush
No more swamped a$$!

I must have lost my mind because not only did I buy this belt, I bought the coolify 2 and 3. I've spent so much money they should send me a free gift 😉 but in all seriousness this is a life saver. I'm a sweaty sweaty boy and this is a game changer. Now they need to make a cooling vest 😏

gil golan
Most is very good... Love it.

 After experimenting this weekend with the TORRAS, ZONE + S3 products and when I walk a lot, I love this ventilation/cooling/city field set. With watching a long and hot summer, almost 30 degrees Celsius in Tel Aviv, on walks and going outside, even sitting with the dog in the dog park when there is no breeze, the wind blows and together with the cooling through the cooling plates in the neck. (in addition to the app on supporting devices such as S2 and 3), another fan, the Zone, worn with the belt on the stomach/front of the chest with the wind from the bottom up towards the face, with the option of wearing it under clothes when doing medium-high intensity sports to spread the sweat close to the chest. To wear it over the clothes in sports it will not be felt since there is already wind due to the running/walking fast without the device in front of the body. Wear the device over them while sitting or walking with pleasure on outdoor trips or just sitting in the air conditioner to disperse the sweat. It gives a slightly or even much more pleasant feeling. Tip: You can put the fan in the fridge before going outside. The material that changes the state of aggregation and thus cools does not harden at room temperature when it is above 24 degrees. It will remain liquid and will not cool down because the body temperature will be close to the ambient temperature. That is why you should put the device in the refrigerator so that the material hardens and thus feel the cooling for the first 10 minutes when you go out and attach the device to your body. One of the disadvantages is that there is no dedicated carrying case for the device to protect it. This is also connected to the fact that already on my first outing with the device, when I put it in the backpack, it started working because the power switch was easily pressed by objects that could accidentally press it. There is no bag that will protect even the shiny coating that is very nicely designed and when there is nothing that will protect the circuit breaker from accidentally pressing it in the bag. Advantages apart from what I wrote above: charging even during use with a rechargeable battery gives endless use even on the road, but at the same time, with the S3 device charging is very slow when the device is in use at the same time.

L. Young
My Favorite Brand Does It Again

I’m a TORRAS cooling unit loyalist so when I saw this promoted in my email, I bought it immediately. To my surprise, it arrived a day early!Unlike the COOLIFY neck models, this doesn’t have 3 modes (heat, fan and cool). It’s just a fan with 3 levels so I expect it to blow the surrounding air upward. Time will tell since it’s still cool outdoors in NY as I write this. I’ll update it when we get a hot day.It’s also a bit loud compared to the neck units on high but probably not noticeable outdoors.Indoors, I like it especially along with my neck COOLIFY models.Sometimes my hair is wet so having a cooling system around my waist instead is brilliant. Not to mention, others can feel the breeze without trying it on. I’m always wrapping my COOLIFY neck versions around people (ha!). Now I can just say, “Hold out your hand over the fan”. Much more sanitary, amirite? :)Knowing TORRAS, I hope for a 3 mode future version of this. Heat, cool and fan. Pleeease.

A must have Gadget

I was a little curious when I seen this on Amazon! But knowing Torras, they always make some good products!This is one of the best gadgets of the summer! I’m a outside worker, this fan keeps my face cool and my body!Pros: Long lasting, do not weight much, and does what it supposed to do!Cons: I wish it would have came with two fan bodies!Thanks to Bonnie at Torras, for the input and support!