iPhone 15 Series Guardian Ostand Magsafe Case

ราคาปกติ $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ ราคาช่วงลดราคา $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ ราคาช่วงลดราคา $35.99 USD

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    They don’t miss!

    The case feels great! I love its thin, simple, stylish designs, prefer the new magsafe kickstand design. The stand on the back feels very sturdy. Completely replaces the pop socket, super handy especially for watching movies or checking recipes while cooking, and I can keep it somewhere without needing something else to hold my phone.The back and edge of the case have a very soft feel to it, providing enough grip to prevent slipping. Great materials and design, just enough to provide excellent drop protection. I can’t wait to try it out on my phone when I get it.

    Mazen Alomran (Riyadh, SA)
    Nice case

    Very good case

    S.R. (San Jose, US)
    Wow, what great customer service!

    This is the third Torras iPhone case I've ordered.

    Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong case; I ordered this one when I wanted to order the one with the replaceable buttons. Upon receipt and realizing I made a mistake, I emailed customer service with an explanation. Customer service replied to my email within minutes and confirmed they would send out a replacement asap.

    Wonderful customer service which reinforces my decision to buy Torras. They are my go-to phone case.

    Torras does it again!

    Love the sleek design and kickstand! The stand is perfect for at desk work. Can’t wait to use this when I get my iPhone 15 Pro Max on Friday! This is my 3rd case from Torras and they are 3 for 3 on how good they’ve been. Looking forward to see how they continue to grow in popularity!

    Sturdy Ring Perfect for Wireless Charging!

     This is a great case! I’ve always struggled to get my phone to stay on the wireless charger so much so I just stopped using it after waking up so many times without a charged phone. The magnet has a good pull that doesn’t allow it to be easily moved from the wireless charger and won’t fall off if you are using your phone while charging it.I also like that the metal ring closes back into the case making the back flat. My struggle with pop sockets was that while I enjoyed the extra grip, they could be tough to remove from tight areas like a pocket.The metal ring that works as an additional gripping mechanism, also doubles to prop the phone up horizontally or vertically without any trouble holding weight of the device.I will say the ring could take some getting used to for gripping the phone but if you liked TORRAS previous cases you’ll love this upgrade!