iPhone 15 Pro Guardian Ostand Magsafe Case

ราคาปกติ $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ ราคาช่วงลดราคา $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ $35.99 USD
ราคาปกติ ราคาช่วงลดราคา $35.99 USD

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    Benedicte Annasawmy (Cornwall, CA)
    Nice case

    Very nice design and case button very soft.
    However keep finger prints

    gary Wang
    Well Worth the Money Spent

    I've been using TORRAS for my iphones. Several things that I feel satisfied:1. This case protected my phone for many times and I don't even bother with insurance anymore. It comes as sturdy as you want with the price.2.The magnetic ring at back of the case is pretty useful when adjusted for various views. And it feels smooth when folded.3. Magnetic function as well is a great bonus this case provides.4. I actually like the semi-clear frosted look, so it can still show the color of my iPhone.It’s sth I would buy and buy again within this price range.

    Great case with built in stand

    Look/Feel: Sharp looking case overall. The feel of the material is slightly grippy, but not overall so. It makes holding it easy without sticking when you want to slide it into your pocket. No issues with lint sticking to it as with some other cases out there.Performance: This case provided a great balance between slim fit and protection. It’s not bulky at all, but still provides protection of all edges and protruding surfaces on the iPhone. Setting your phone down on its face or on the camera, there’s just enough case to prevent contact with a flat surface. The case is MagSafe and I was able to charge through it without issue. The stand is a nice addition to provide hands free use of your phone which is fantastic for watching videos or using FaceTime. You can also use the ring as an extra grip which I think will help me feel a little more comfortable when I’m taking photos over an edge where I’m terrified of dropping my phone.Durability: I did some light scratching with my fingernails and nothing showed up on the case. The ring seemed sturdy with some light tugs and normal use. I have no reason to believe the case will be durable enough to last for my normal use.Overall: 5 stars. Torras has been a solid provider of cases for several years and this is just another product to add to their fantastic iPhone case portfolio.

    Long time customer, delighted again

    I’ve been a Torras customer for a few years now so when I purchase a new phone (every year for both my personal and business devices) I always preorder a few cases. My 15 hasn’t come in yet but I already have this case on my 14pro and pro max.Simply put it checks all the boxes for me. The sides are grippy but don’t get slimy over time. The back has a velvet texture that gives heavy users like me a pleasing place to set your fingers for those double handed powered typing moments.The rings are multifaceted, great for propping up the phone for the impromptu zoom meeting or to distract the kids during a long function. Also a nice way to keep a grip on the phone when in challenging photo ops- on a boat, over a pool etc. and lastly if you just fidget like I do, it’s hours of distraction and concentration keepingThe protection is great so far. My phones are tossed on my desk and down on my gym bag all day long. My kids take and drop them all the time, and I’ve yet to have a cracked front/back/lens.Great product and awesome customer service.

    Lupe Lopez
    Veryyyyy sleek case! Sturdy and great quality

    Just got this case and immediately when I hold it I can tell it is of great quality!The stand is super convenient to watch videos vertically and horizontally.Very cool to also prop it up for a photo selfie or video selfie.Would absolutely recommend this case to family and friends!