Refreshing! Camping with COOLIFY 2

Refreshing! Camping with COOLIFY 2

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To celebrate the summertime fun as it becomes hotter and hotter, we hosted a camping party with over 500 camping lovers and Adventure Bandits together, in Cardinal Center, Ohio from June 16 to 19.

Refreshing! That’s what camping lovers say about COOLIFY 2. And that’s why we design a neck air conditioner like COOLIFY 2. All we hope to bring is refreshing coolness when they’re doing outdoor activities or even going the extra mile for work.

During the camping party, many camping lovers give us feedback like it is comfortable while resting on their necks. Lightweight and portable, COOLIFY 2 fits perfectly on the neck and keeps them cool outdoors more than ten kilometers away from home, letting them enjoy the camping fun with ease. I guess someone wants the air conditioning to go with him when he has to leave the house. Now COOLIFY 2 is just like a walking air conditioning with you wherever you go.

Some people said that the amount of cool air that comes from COOLIFY 2 makes them totally refreshed throughout their camping trip. Designed to change the way people stay cool in the summer, COOLIFY 2 features two cooling methods–Fan Mode and Cool Mode, and each has 3 levels of intensity. The max level is exactly suitable for people who are prone to feeling hot easily, or those who are immersed in vigorous exercise.


One of the camping lovers said that COOLIFY 2 makes him really cool and has much less noise than his hearing aids. He also said that it’s snug but not tight. He’s bought some other brand of neck fans before and they always want to fall off when he’s doing some setups on his trailer. But COOLIFY 2 always stays there when he’s bending over.


When it comes to in what situation will they use COOLIFY 2, some say they will use it when they’re walking the dogs, spending time with family, or just everyday function in the heat. One said that she could see her husband love it so much because he has to carry his structured military on his neck and shoulders almost every day, COOLIFY 2 is able to keep him cool and relaxing most of the time. Others also said that they would especially need it when it’s hot and humid, when they’re outdoors, when bike riding, doing any yard work or fishing.


It’s getting increasingly hot. Don’t miss a delightful summer camping trip or an outdoor reunion with your best friends. Just let COOLIFY 2 bring you coolness, and add vitality to your life.

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